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At Getting to Global, our mission is to build and deploy innovative programs backed by cutting-edge technology solutions that multiply the impact of leading economic development, trade, and investment organizations around the world.

Simply put, we deliver unique tools and technologies that make trade and investment organizations more efficient.

We started as an educational platform, offering training, insights and best practices in online global strategy. But as we were growing and talking with organizations and agencies from all over the world, we came to realize how our experience and network could be put to better use. And that is how Getting to Global became the umbrella for a set of tools and platforms that help trade and investment organizations grow their economic impact. Today, we partner with a range of private and public organizations to help create a more connected world.


California Export Connect – The premiere export resource platform

An integral part of the Getting to Global Initiative, California Export Connect is a platform launched and managed with the support of the International Trade Administration (ITA) and the State International Development Organizations (SIDO).

California Export Connect aggregates all the experts, service providers, resources, tools, and expertise small and medium businesses need to achieve faster and successful growth abroad. Check out all the resources California Export Connect has to offer your small and medium-sized business from Web & Digital Marketing to Shipping & Logistics, eCommerce, and much more.


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California Export Connect for experts and service providers

Join thousands of experts, government officials, and service providers on the premiere export resource platform.

Each month, California Export Connect helps over 55,000 exporters find the help they need, no matter what challenges they face in their export journey.

Start building your free profile today to be seen by exporters from around the world who are looking for services like yours. Want more out of your Export Connect profile? Check out our new Premium features!


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Getting to Global is more than just a website. We offer multiple training and advisory platforms for small and medium enterprises and economic development and trade & investment promotion organizations.

Our Blueprint platform powers online advisory experiences like our eCommerce Accelerator and our Export Navigator. It is used by advisors and business owners from around the world and helps build personalized learning content and action plans that lead to measurable economic impact.

Our team of designers and developers work hard every day to deliver new, innovative tools. From our Duties & Taxes calculator to our HS Code search engine, we strive to build tools that facilitate trade and that help small and medium-sized businesses succeed in a growingly complex world.

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