California International Trade Center (CITC)

Helping California Small and Medium Businesses Grow Sales Overseas

The International Trade Center (ITC), powered by California Community Colleges, is a first-of-its-kind organization specifically designed to enhance the competitiveness of small and mid-size businesses through digital trade. Building on the 30-year history of service and partnership led by the chancellor’s office on behalf of trade activities, the ITC program is uniquely focused on digital trade.

The ITC proactively embraces the rise of scalable data-rich online services and cross-border ecommerce consumption to shepherd in a new era of online, outcomes-based global trade and FDI promotion support. Serving as a “digital trade office,” ITC offers self-service tools and targeted training which brings together the best data, SaaS solutions and government resources to empower small businesses to grow their sales overseas.

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage digital services and tools to empower small and medium businesses to grow sales in overseas markets.

What We Do

  • Promote ecommerce and digital trade
  • Provide information and technical support
  • Provide knowledge, training, and expertise
  • Support a globally fluent workforce
  • Offer companies greater visibility on the opportunity

Explore financing and grant options to fuel your global expansion
Our team of consultants can help you identify the various financing options that are available to your company. They can help you qualify and apply to grants, small business loans, and keep you informed of the new financing avenues that become available to you over time.

Discover digital tools to help you address your global opportunity
The ITC has created a digital toolkit to help California exporters solve the multiple puzzles that are part of any internationalization strategy. From improving your website to conducting due diligence on a potential buyer abroad, our tools are free and simple to use. 
  • Website Audit
  • Duties & Taxes Calculator
  • Government Databases


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