Your Partner for International Growth

We’ve been at the centre of International Trade and Investment for almost 20 years.

Here at OCO we’ve been working with leading organisations to help them build and execute successful strategies to attract international investment, creating 1,000s of jobs and billions in capital.

We’ve also worked with hundreds of private companies to further their export and international market entry plans, helping them to identify the most attractive markets and customers to accelerate their growth.

Our Services

  • Lead Generation: Winning business in international markets takes sustained commitment. Maintaining an ongoing presence and dialogue in-market when you’re not physically there is key to ensuring leads convert to business won. OCO works in partnership with both governments and companies to win investment and build business and drive sustainable growth.

  • Research: In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, it pays to do your homework up-front. Whether it’s identifying the highest potential investors, identifying the right market for your product or evaluating your competition, OCO’s Research team will find the answer.

  • Velociti: Data on international markets is everywhere in today’s world. The challenge is how to make sense of it and use it to inform the right decisions and activities for your business. That’s why OCO created Velociti.

  • Trade Support: At OCO we understand the opportunities and challenges of growing internationally. Our consultants support businesses in their strategic plans for global growth, as well as their execution. We offer bespoke assessments of international markets, creating market entry and growth strategies to help accelerate business development in new markets.

  • Consulting: Our strategic consulting support spans the key areas– from the markets/sectors/channels in which to compete, defining and positioning the client’s offer, and how to organise best to achieve maximum results. We also help clients with defining the necessary activities, financial planning and measuring progress on delivering their plans.

  • Incubation: Taking the first physical steps into an international market is a big step for your business and can be a daunting one. OCO’s incubation services are designed to ease this process and provide the support structures so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Marketing Services: Our marketing services team provides a full range of services encompassing brand development, digital marketing, PR and social media and can support you through the entire marketing cycle from strategy and planning through to implementation.

  • Funding & Ventures: Growing your business internationally will invariably require alternate or additional funding. Alongside our range of advisory services, OCO Global works with companies to understand their funding requirements and provide a range of potential solutions.