The Best Solution for Duties and Taxes

World commerce is exploding! That means selling globally is no longer just an option, it's necessary. The Zonos platform has built-in duty and tax calculations, compliance, and localization to optimize your site for the international customer buying experience. Zonos stops costly surprises for you and your international customers with the most accurate landed cost in the business.


Confident international shopping
Keep global shoppers with a localized greeting and engage them throughout the buying experience. We deliver over 200 country wiki's, GeoIP recognition, translation (18 languages), localized currency, country taxes, and import value thresholds.

Duties and taxes
Shoppers get localized information on taxes and possible import duties into their country, and Zonos Hello estimates duties and taxes through the shopping experience.

Convert and keep international shoppers
Conversion isn't enough if you can't get international customers to come back. On average, an international buyer will spend 22% more than your domestic customers. A Zonos™ integration will give your customers a localized shopping and checkout experience with landed cost, translation, and as many shipping options as you want.

Increase revenue, and protect the bottom line
It's like trying to find a balance in the force, then realizing you aren't Yoda. Well, we are. By solving difficult cross-border problems with technology and not logistics, we allow you to keep your margins, remain competitive, and grow exponentially on your eCommerce platform and global marketplace.

Zonos Best Practices for Shopify


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