Nicholas Nomann

About Nicholas Nomann

Nicholas is a marketing professional with ten years of experience in growing direct to consumer brands, generating over $200 million in digital revenue for over fifty different clients. Nicholas’ superpower is growing consumer-facing businesses through direct response and brand building strategies, primarily through Facebook’s cross-network marketing solutions. Nicholas is passionate about growth marketing and using his experiences to help rapid-growth businesses achieve their goals. 

Uncover Your Global Demand

Going Global Assessment is a comprehensive international digital marketing assessment in less than 60 days that will solve difficult questions your brand is working on figuring out.

Questions this assessment will answer:
  • Is my product a "Must-have"?
  • What are the main pain points your product solves?
  • Who is my desired international customer?
  • Is it cheaper to acquire customers in different countries?
  • What creatives and copy best resonate with each international audience?
  • What is holding users back from purchasing?
  • What is your paid global marketing plan?
  • What metrics should guide this plan? 


Projects Worked On

  • Yoga Club: Founder - Shipped over 1M pieces of activewear in the past four years. 
  • Vie Active: Founder - Premier activewear brand.
  • Short Par 4: Founding team & Owner -150K members acquired. 
  • Stealth Venture Labs: Co-Founder - Growth marketing agency. 
  • Home Chef: Lead growth marketing - Sold for 200M in 2018 to Kroger.