California Rapid Response Services for Business

COVID-19 Business Resources

What is Rapid Response?

Rapid Response is a proactive, business-focused program designed to assist companies facing potential layoffs or plant closures. Rapid Response teams provide early intervention assistance to help avert potential layoffs, and immediate on-site services to assist workers facing job losses. Rapid Response services are tailored to each company based on the needs of the affected employees. These services are carried out by state and local workforce development agencies in partnership with the America’s Job Center of California network. 

What Services are Available?

Rapid Response teams will work with your company to minimize the disruptions associated with job losses on your business, workers, and community. Rapid Response teams will meet with you to discuss your needs and programs that can help avert layoffs, including:
  • Incumbent worker training 
  • Customized training 
  • Work Sharing

Benefits of Rapid Response Services

Rapid Response activities provide multiple benefits to your company, including:
  • Lower Unemployment Insurance costs as workers are re-employed more quickly.
  • Higher productivity, better worker morale, and lower absenteeism due to reduced stress.
  • Positive community impact.

How to get started?

Contact your local America’s Job Center of California to learn more about Rapid Response services and if it can help you during the COVID-19 crisis.

View Rapid Response Fact Sheet here.