Save Time and Money on the Mail and Parcels You Send Around the World

We make domestic and international mailing and shipping simpler and more cost-effective than traditional carriers from the United States to everywhere in the world. Global mailing and shipping should be simple. We labor over logistics so you can be everywhere your customers are.

Why Access Worldwide?

  • Trusted Process - Before we send anything, we find out what matters most to you and enter it into your customer profile. Your preference can include pickup locations, contacts, handling, and global routing requirements based on cost and the ROI you need. At each processing center, in our 13-step delivery system, your shipment must pass 3 specific quality checkpoints to ensure superior quality control throughout our process.


  • Team of Support - Our dedicated support team sets us apart. When you work with us, you join forces with a team of professionals who dedicate each day to making global mailing and shipping the simplest part of your business.


  • Tools & Technology - 
    • Compass keeps your mailing on course. Our extensive, proprietary online technology, Compass, gives you end-to-end management of your shipping solutions, extensive real-time reporting, and a host of valuable features that reduce your Total Cost of Sending and bring transparency to the process.
    • Integrate shipping into your existing environment, hassle free. Whether you are an emerging internet retailer or established multi-national business, we have a software solution for you.
    • AllAccess Portal offers feature-rich online tools. You can schedule mailings and shipments, request pickups and generate online E-Quotes using your AllAccess Portal.


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