Todd Cornell - Chinese Business Strategy Advisor

Todd Cornell speaks and reads fluent Mandarin Chinese. He clearly explains the differences between the US and Chinese mindsets; the most important element affecting the success or failure of US engagements with China. Todd Cornell has gained recognition by Chinese and non-Chinese as a top authority in Chinese business strategies.

Cornell entered China and boasts over 30 years of experience in US-China cross-cultural business and communications. This Includes working for Sino-US Joint Ventures and managing US businesess and manufacturer offices. 

Todd Cornell's early entry into China gives him an expanded understanding of the difficulties westerners face. He draws from years of hands-on experience to mediate the linguistic and cultural challenges that exist between US and Chinese counterparts. 


About Cultur668

Cultur668 supports American companies active in China regions and has over 35 years of direct experience in managing and representing U.S. companies in Taiwan and Mainland China. Specializing in business strategies and services in these markets, Cultur668 has a long background in a wide range of industries from service and direct sales to manufacturing in China regions.

Tapping into Chinese culture and language in strategic ways benefits American companies in business negotiations and communications with China. Cultur668 makes doing business in these challenging markets easier for any American company.